In the town, where I was born. . .

The Satorialist recently had a contest for anyone to submit vintage photos. I was tres excited and immediately knew which photos I wanted to share. Unfortunately, the photos I submitted were not posted on his blog... *small tear* However, fear not as now I have the opportunity to share the pictures with you!

Here is the brief letter I wrote in my email to Scott:

"What a fantastic idea! Thank you for the opportunity to allow the global community who enjoys your work as a daily ritual, to share vintage photos that inspire them and may inspire others as well. It was certainly a challenge to narrow down which photos I would like to send you. However, I immediately thought of this image as seen below.

This photo was taken by a Vancouver photographer, "Foncie Pulice". Much like yourself, Foncie was a street photographer of his day capturing candid moments of pedestrians. A short biography of his work can be viewed here. This photo is of my mom and her best friends to this day, during their 20's mid 1970, while walking down one of the bustling streets in Vancouver, Canada. As I looked through old photo albums I came across a number of photos which also appear to be Foncie's work, taken much earlier, as far back as the 1940-50's. What I love about this photo is the pure joy and happiness in their expressions. My mom is the one with long dark brown, wavy hair. I have been mesmerized by this photo since I was a young child and often imagined myself with my best friends living in the heart of the city as did my mom, capturing a similar moment in time. This picture has been a source of inspiration for a number of reasons and perhaps what I find most intriguing about this photograph is the similarity between that of the very last episode of Sex & The City, where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are walking down the street as they leave from their favourite coffee shop. It is one of the last screen shots of the four ladies before the series ends. When I first saw this final episode, I couldn't help but be reminded of the photo of my mom and the numerous visual similarities between the two. I quickly asked what colour coat she was wearing in that photo, which happened to be a light blue as well, similar to Samantha's.

. . .

I hope you enjoy the energy of this photo and perhaps it may inspire your online viewers as well! . . ."

"On the street..." in Vancouver- Vintage Sex & the City

I would also like to point out that my moms friend on the far left is a natural red head like Miranda, as well as the friend next to my mom on her left was a blonde (although not AS blonde... BUT) similar to Samantha.

There are more vintage photos where this came from that I'll be posting. Stay tuned!

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