My grandfather
Karl Johan Frithiof Hardin,
who was often referred to as Jack.
Born in Sweden around the turn of the century, it was common to leave school after grade 8, where young men would be trained to start work as a mason's apprentice. He did his compulsory Swedish military service (18 months in the navy) and then went to sea in the merchant marine for 2-3 years before he immigrated to Canada. He would then settle in Canada, where he met my grandma and started a life here. The rest as they say is history. I however, did not get the pleasure to meet my grandfather, as he passed away long before I was born. Yet, I've been told plenty of stories that share his personality and pleasant nature.

I love this picture for his poise posture and the soft elegance of this photo as taken from his profile.

Much later with their first child of five
Roughly 1938-1940

i like the silhouettes, structure and hats!

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mia nolin said...

hello i belive that jack is the son of a person that i am looking for his name and the father is karl frithiof hardin