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an ode to Freja Beha Erichsen

Ok, from the moment I saw Freja Beha Erichsen walk the runways of Erin Wasson's x RVCA F/W 2009 Collection I had that instinctual feeling. The one I usually get when I know deep down that I am on the verge of discovering what is freaking-tastic. I can't explain it, but its a feeling. And, that feeling hit me like bricks when I saw Freja.

What is it about her exactly? Let's examine,


  • The 70's shag sensation she is rocking with the layers, echoing a Bob Dylan reference in time
  • The loose bangs
  • Her fierce attitude
  • Chiseled features


And then there was Chanel's F/W 2009 Spectacular Spectacular! Needless to say, that will have its own post soon enough. However lets take a moment to reflect on the superb workmanship between Freja Beha and Baptiste Giabiconi on the runway.
  • Unisex styling... has never looked so chic! At a single glance you forget they are both wearing the same pieces. Yet a pale tweed blazer on a man? Yes! Yes! Yes! *a cry to all men* take note!
  • Everything about these four images work harmoniously well together and looks equally exquisite on them both
  • Their swept back slicked hair, "tomboy" elegance and walk of unison evokes equality, unity and strength.

Pretty much I am head over heels for this combination. Words don't do justice, but let these photos tell you everything.


left speechless


I needed to share this image... why, because Freda Gustavsson is just sooo breath takingly beautiful, that when I scrolled down and saw this photo on www.knighttcat.com I was literally speechless, it took my breath away and left me in aw of her porcelain doll features and effortless style.


Add a little colour

Vibrant and vivid these paintings are exquisite.
Stumbled upon while wandering the streets of Paris.


Madame Coco

since the beginning I've admired those with the ability to express themselves in the utmost creative ways. Explore all avenues and open all doors to possibility. In the midst of my own endeavors, I find no boundaries but the choice to design with the hint restraint. And, at times when I find myself in a corner or unable to see through the window, it's not until I step back and reflect that infinite possibilities occur.

The discipline of those legendary individuals who paved the way, creating milestones in history, encourages our ability to draw outside the lines, find new solutions and step outside the box.

I felt it was only appropriate to begin this blog with one of my greatest sources of inspiration. The painting above of dear Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was taken during my travels to Paris 2008, as I discovered her at Le Orangie Musei.

and since the beginning I have found myself drawn to her strength, courage, determination and creative ability to design with restraint while breaking the molds of societal norms.

as this adventure continues to develop, you may notice my reference to Coco from time to time.

until then, happy blogging!