Had it been another day...

i might have looked the other way


i think i am a little bit

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i. heart. i.nternational. c.itizen.s.


you look to the left and then to the right, right?

side streets of Parlermo
same street
divided in design


i got my hair cut

i finally got my hair cut not too long ago
and these pics were my source of inspiration!
i've adored freja and her 1970's rocker style for a long time now,
perhaps some of you may remember when i started this blog back in October 2009- woooweee
we'll i did "an ode to freja..." examining what it is about her exactly that makes her so distinct from the sea of models alike
ah here is the first collage i created dedicated to this spectacular mop of hair
p.s. i heart my new hair



Incroyable combination of acid silk florals mixed with the ultimate comfort of jersey. It's like being on a African Safari whilst discovering an ancient rock mine... the unsuspecting fashion victims enter the old mine cave entrance clearly marked "DO NOT ENTER, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS"... Only to trip, spill and run back out covered in chemical acids, which in this case dye their taupe, beige clothing into wickedly lovely vibrant colours. Not to mention the animal instinct of leopard and cargo pockets on the dress clearly support this elaborate tale and theory I've created.


To be Announced

la boca + fall 2009 leafs = inspire-d-ation


Side Saddle or Straddle?

Derek you made me proud!
"you. made. me. proud."
& of course, haven't you noticed... there's my girl, Freja!
(and so the trail continues)
the entire collage

Continuation of season trends:
7. Leather, leather & more leather!
8. The use of Traditional Equest' bold prints