Just because I think it's wonderful

The image quality lacks for sure, (taken with my iphone, my camera not in hand). However, I admired this woman's coat from across the street, not realizing until the next block she was with these US Olympic athletes. Although I had the opportunity to approach her for a moment to firstly: complement her on her beautiful coat and secondly: ask to take her picture... she was already posing with the athletes for someone else's photo and they appeared as if in a rush to go somewhere. Thus I merely took the image as a reference for myself. I am in love with heavily woven traditional prints. Either way I wanted to share the design and style as unclear as it may be.

The images almost have a water colour like quality as if painted, at least thats how I'll justify these photos
... it was intentional!

I've been Ghosting

There has been an incredible surge of Canadian and International musical talent performing during the Olympics. I'd have to say Mother Mother put on a fantastic concert. Albeit there are a few groups I missed the opportunity to see due to extreeeeeemely long lines. For example, a crazy 6 hour line to see Deadmaus last Friday. Talent has definitely not been in short supply, yet we are approaching the final days of the games and ultimately it brings a tear to my eye that all this excitement is coming to an end. These photos show a glimpse of the energy during Mother Mother.


DSquared goes for Gold

Last week Dean and Dan made a special appearance at Vancouver's Holt Renfrew to introduce their Olympic themed hoodie. You cannot help but feel pride for these two designers who have established so much international success and recognition within the Fashion Industry over the years, while consistently staying true to their Canadian routes embodied throughout their designs. They make Canada "cool" epitomizing the best of Canadian stereotypes, history, "outdoor" recreation and so forth. Although it was a pleasure to see them in person, there was an artificial opportunity to meet them, but I didnt bother... it just didnt feel like it was my time. I look forward to perhaps future opportunities in my career where I may meet them naturally, rather then staged events.

ET Canada
the hoodie
Fashion Televisions Jeanne Beker


Fashion is always Now!

With the heart of Paris, comes the intellect and wealth of knowledge and for myself that is CHANEL.

Here you have it, Gauchos are back

"I don't believe in avant-garde clothes
for a future that will never happen.
Fashion is always now."

Karl Lagerfeld'


The devils advocate

I recently read a post on the Sartorialist, an interesting and important topic for the future of fashion shows. One with many pros and cons. If you have not read it, take a moment to read it so everything below makes sense. The gist of it is, will fashion shows become so main stream that not only can you access it live, but potentially the public could attend by the purchase of a ticket?

As for myself, who has not yet attended a designer fashion show in my young career, it is evident that over the past 2-3 years technology has allowed "live streaming" access to news of any kind at lightning speed.

Today we have young, brilliant, savvy, eager bloggers whose views on fashion has made an impact on the designers themselves, many of which now attend these designers shows, releasing immediate reviews and images. We have never seen accessibility to fashion like this before. Although this increases immediate excitement for the label, designs and ultimately the revenue, I question whether it reduces the anticipation, surprise and excitement when designs were conventionally unveiled to the public at a later date. With that said, public shows with paid tickets would generate huge revenue allowing these design houses to profit not only in the show itself but with potential sales by the time the finale piece walks down the runway.

However, I feel there is a parallel between allowing the public to attend what has formally been exclusive shows for editors, elite socialites, and those A-List celebrities AND the comparison to the saturated market of fast cheap fashion and celebrity designers whose names splash over clothing, perfume, cosmetics etc... The initial concept was glamorous and people bought into the idea, however the market is sooo saturated with critical reviews on “what is luxury if luxury is available to everyone?”. Would Daphne Guinness attend a show that the public could be apart of? There was a reason why luxury was for the elite, for those who could afford it and that concept has been lost. I don't own a closet of designer clothes yet, the few designer labels I possess were either vintages finds, or once a year sales. I look forward to the day when I can afford designer labels without hesitation of my credit limit, it will truly be a luxury!

Today eager fashion consumers can access images of a designers ad campaign before it reaches print. I have to ask, is there even a point for the printed copy anymore and would this lead to the immediate yawn of the ad once it is printed? By then the consumer may already want something new! We already face this dilemma with fast fashion, the consumer tires easily today, trends pass by in what feels like a month. Designers compete with demand to produce enough NEW and INNOVATIVE designs multiple times within a season, with some staging 6 or more shows a year.

Although I agree Scott is absolutely right, I believe at some point we may to return to square one, to the key basics of what a fashion show entails and why is was powerful to begin with. Yes, like trends everything must evolve, always looking forward, but what would the limitations be to ticket holders of these fashion shows? Would this be accessible to the average consumer, or with a steep price that only the elite can afford, thus maintaining the exclusivity? Would the editors, socialites, celebs formally invited now have to pay...? I am assuming not, but is that fair to the public ticket holders? It all comes down to large corporations and money. They have trained the consumer to want it faster, for less money, yet still good quality. This method cannot sustain itself.

Thats all I have to say right now... what are your thoughts?


Olympic street fashion

With a city full of energetic people, all patriotic to their country, here is a start to what will be known as Olympic Street Fashion 2010! It may come in the form of national pride and colours, young fashion mavins, abstract anything, architecture and all the eccentricities in between.

street parade on the day of the opening ceremonies

super canadian heros

355 Marine Building

the grand entrance



Chanel's Paris-Shanghai Pre-Fall 2010


The Shanghai city landscape as the background was spectacular. Karl Lagerfelds short film of Coco Chanels fantasy trip she only had in her dream is witty to say the least: http://www.chanel.com/fashion/9-fashion-trends

on a side note: although this is posted just a little late from the collection debut, I feel it's relevant to post images of designs worthy of attention.

The world has arrived in... Vancouver!

The 2010 Winter Olympics began on Friday Feb 12, 2010 in Vancouver! The entire city has turned into a party and everyone is celebrating. I've been on a Olympic high all weekend, attending the different venues, concerts, performances and simply wandering the streets. The energy in the city is impalpable, you can't help but feel excited and want to participate in this once in a life time experience. There are people everywhere and at first I thought really the only people taking up space are locals acting as tourist in their own city (including myself), but each day I notice all the i.nternational c.itizens exploring the city. The world in essence has traveled to Vancouver!


...and the same goes for whichever country you may represent! After all it shouldn't really matter who is #1, but simply just having fun and enjoying the experience.


Lee Alexander McQueen 1969-2010

Devastated by the news of this tremendously talented artist and designer, Alexander McQueen will be sadly missed. His contribution to the fashion world was like no other. A true artist whose designs were thought provoking and emotional while bridging concepts, breaking moulds and always true to his design aesthetic. He conceptualized three dimensional art in the form of clothing. Whether or not you understood or admired his designs, you cannot deny his imagination was exponential.

Rest In Peace Lee Alexander McQueen


new quote to live by for 2010



found this wonderful advice while browsing www.lookbook.nu/


Eiffel Couture 2010

These days you have to ask, how many fashion shows are necessary from one design house...? Besides the obvious Spring/ Summer & Fall/ Winter, many designers now produce up to six or more shows a year! Yet there is one fashion show that simply must go on for years to come and that is Haute Couture, having just debuted on the runways last week. However before I begin posting any Couture runway photos, I wanted to devote this post to my other love, by celebrating the heart of Paris. Photos I took during the summer of 2008.

it was love at first sight

twinkle twinkle little star

summer love

diamonds are a girls best friend

nuit de la saphir

the calm before the storm

rouge vino et coke


the red room portrait

a dream

not so long ago