My grandfather
Karl Johan Frithiof Hardin,
who was often referred to as Jack.
Born in Sweden around the turn of the century, it was common to leave school after grade 8, where young men would be trained to start work as a mason's apprentice. He did his compulsory Swedish military service (18 months in the navy) and then went to sea in the merchant marine for 2-3 years before he immigrated to Canada. He would then settle in Canada, where he met my grandma and started a life here. The rest as they say is history. I however, did not get the pleasure to meet my grandfather, as he passed away long before I was born. Yet, I've been told plenty of stories that share his personality and pleasant nature.

I love this picture for his poise posture and the soft elegance of this photo as taken from his profile.

Much later with their first child of five
Roughly 1938-1940

i like the silhouettes, structure and hats!


snap point & shoot

distinctive designs
"globally created"


everything is a facade, dont be fooled!

objects in observation

what i liked about this building was not just the aging architecture, chipped paint, defaced graffiti and boarded windows, but... the absolute halo-ness of what is left of this building. The remaining stacked bricks along the side and transparent quality, are like looking through a window into time or a different location around the world. You become lost in the romance of how did this building become as it is today, developing this theatrical story of distress, despair and forgotten loneliness. Most of us can establish the reality of the circumstance and present state, however I preferthe tale.
makes for a better story board,
not to mention a great photo shoot location!

the. end.

Mr. Tumnus's significant other



G'ma Beatrice

Or as I often called her G'ma due to my poor ability to pronounce g-r-a-n-d-m-a as a young tot. She was a remarkable women, having survived what was diagnosed as terminal cancer as a mother with young children and much later when I was her grandchild. I witnessed her strength as she overcame a huge obstacle and cherished her stories as a child. Although lived the remaining years of her life with Alzheimer's and passed away when I was 12, she remains a shinning star!
I adore the ease of her smile as she rides the bike "side saddle" (she is the one wearing what appears as white). Such a great motion photo. The dog gazing off the side- classic! Bea' was born 1911, she would be about 20 here, making this approximately 1930.
Gone Fish'n
G'ma fishing as a young women in the interior of British Columbia along a river, approx 1948. Dressed rather fashionable in a tailored jacket and skirt. I love the juxtaposition of her attire, the elegance of her mannerisms and the interaction of her fishing with the overall sense of freedom and carefree attitude.
well polished in a fur coat with carriage of baby
you just don't see this kind of class anymore of everyday people

i. loves. my. g'ma.


In the town, where I was born. . .

The Satorialist recently had a contest for anyone to submit vintage photos. I was tres excited and immediately knew which photos I wanted to share. Unfortunately, the photos I submitted were not posted on his blog... *small tear* However, fear not as now I have the opportunity to share the pictures with you!

Here is the brief letter I wrote in my email to Scott:

"What a fantastic idea! Thank you for the opportunity to allow the global community who enjoys your work as a daily ritual, to share vintage photos that inspire them and may inspire others as well. It was certainly a challenge to narrow down which photos I would like to send you. However, I immediately thought of this image as seen below.

This photo was taken by a Vancouver photographer, "Foncie Pulice". Much like yourself, Foncie was a street photographer of his day capturing candid moments of pedestrians. A short biography of his work can be viewed here. This photo is of my mom and her best friends to this day, during their 20's mid 1970, while walking down one of the bustling streets in Vancouver, Canada. As I looked through old photo albums I came across a number of photos which also appear to be Foncie's work, taken much earlier, as far back as the 1940-50's. What I love about this photo is the pure joy and happiness in their expressions. My mom is the one with long dark brown, wavy hair. I have been mesmerized by this photo since I was a young child and often imagined myself with my best friends living in the heart of the city as did my mom, capturing a similar moment in time. This picture has been a source of inspiration for a number of reasons and perhaps what I find most intriguing about this photograph is the similarity between that of the very last episode of Sex & The City, where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are walking down the street as they leave from their favourite coffee shop. It is one of the last screen shots of the four ladies before the series ends. When I first saw this final episode, I couldn't help but be reminded of the photo of my mom and the numerous visual similarities between the two. I quickly asked what colour coat she was wearing in that photo, which happened to be a light blue as well, similar to Samantha's.

. . .

I hope you enjoy the energy of this photo and perhaps it may inspire your online viewers as well! . . ."

"On the street..." in Vancouver- Vintage Sex & the City

I would also like to point out that my moms friend on the far left is a natural red head like Miranda, as well as the friend next to my mom on her left was a blonde (although not AS blonde... BUT) similar to Samantha.

There are more vintage photos where this came from that I'll be posting. Stay tuned!


croquis of desire

There has been an itty bitty trend with my posts lately.... if you had not noticed already,
but I'll never be the one to tell...
(as if it wasn't obvious)

And, as I was about to say:

When I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina is wasn't long before I discovered boutique stores and designer labels that I would return to time and again during my visit. Many of these labels are sure to receive international recognition for their trend setting ways. I quickly fell in love with Rapsodia. Their boho, soho, grunge, rock, whimsical, indie style is soo in tune with global trends and yet creatively reflects Argentine style.
This is the interior wall of Rapsodia Boutique in Parlermo, a district within the city full of independent & well-established designer labels. Here at the cashiers desk while I purchased my leather boots gum boots and scarf. They are well worn now after many months of wear, but loved non the less.
And now for more melting hearts:

el creme de la creme

the essence of my being
the answer is clear, no?

All my loving

it's just a small obsession, nothing that cant be cured with what I've been brewing in my basement