croquis of desire

There has been an itty bitty trend with my posts lately.... if you had not noticed already,
but I'll never be the one to tell...
(as if it wasn't obvious)

And, as I was about to say:

When I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina is wasn't long before I discovered boutique stores and designer labels that I would return to time and again during my visit. Many of these labels are sure to receive international recognition for their trend setting ways. I quickly fell in love with Rapsodia. Their boho, soho, grunge, rock, whimsical, indie style is soo in tune with global trends and yet creatively reflects Argentine style.
This is the interior wall of Rapsodia Boutique in Parlermo, a district within the city full of independent & well-established designer labels. Here at the cashiers desk while I purchased my leather boots gum boots and scarf. They are well worn now after many months of wear, but loved non the less.
And now for more melting hearts:

el creme de la creme

the essence of my being
the answer is clear, no?

All my loving

it's just a small obsession, nothing that cant be cured with what I've been brewing in my basement

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