G'ma Beatrice

Or as I often called her G'ma due to my poor ability to pronounce g-r-a-n-d-m-a as a young tot. She was a remarkable women, having survived what was diagnosed as terminal cancer as a mother with young children and much later when I was her grandchild. I witnessed her strength as she overcame a huge obstacle and cherished her stories as a child. Although lived the remaining years of her life with Alzheimer's and passed away when I was 12, she remains a shinning star!
I adore the ease of her smile as she rides the bike "side saddle" (she is the one wearing what appears as white). Such a great motion photo. The dog gazing off the side- classic! Bea' was born 1911, she would be about 20 here, making this approximately 1930.
Gone Fish'n
G'ma fishing as a young women in the interior of British Columbia along a river, approx 1948. Dressed rather fashionable in a tailored jacket and skirt. I love the juxtaposition of her attire, the elegance of her mannerisms and the interaction of her fishing with the overall sense of freedom and carefree attitude.
well polished in a fur coat with carriage of baby
you just don't see this kind of class anymore of everyday people

i. loves. my. g'ma.

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