Mas Moda Spring 2010


As promised here are just a few more favourites from Chanel's spring collection.
Refined in colour- limitless in detail!


i heart bows, lacquer & leather

Victor and Rolf were stated saying their inspiration was a reaction due to the economic situation and
with many designers taking cost cutting measures,
they went straight to the source.
Madonna vs. Geisha vs. Jean Paul Gaultier

on a side note: I don't think a day has passed where Madonna has not had an incredible body

Best part is, I actually recall being 6 years old and seeing a jewel studded cone bra at the mall and wanting it. My momma said No! yet shares this story from time to time, Oh Madonna how you have influenced thee.


major crushing on the big bows, bold prints & bight colours


milt cargo pockets on tweed, geo stripes, pale shades all echoing 1970's hints and play-doll features
some of which (i.e. the hair) remind me of the Smoggies cartoon characters (minus the rainbow hair colour of course), as seen below:


Schouler de pescado

With the debut of Fall/ Winter 2010 Collections around the corner, I know with out a doubt, I am months behind posting Springs 2010 designers to watch, wear and adore. Nevertheless, the next few posts are just a few designers who demonstrate and evoke defining trends for the season. Lest we forget Spring 2010 is seasonly around the corner, let these images refresh and inspire you for the season to come.

Today's post is brought to you by: "agua de tropical"... the school of fish... Proenza Schouler of course!

Bon app├ętit!


one step at a time

i began this blog with the best of intentions to be consistent... but as it appears i was slightly in over my head as i still had much to learn about html'n and all the necessary programs to create the most beautiful canvas and display whatever my heart contents. Thanks to some helpful fellow bloggers and their great advice, i am on my way!

i hereby welcome myself back!