little lady, little black dress & a love for chanel

. . . in the presence of fashion.

new. york.

while wandering the meat packing district, west 14th street and to be more specific the Alexander McQueen boutique, i noticed this lovely young lady dressed so elegantly in black.

first i should mention while exploring the Alexander McQueen boutique it is certainly more like an art gallery of the finest and most beautifully crafted clothing i've ever seen. i was breath taken as i admired the fine quality and intricate details to each and every aspect of the clothing, shoes and accessories. i could have stared at the same shoes on display for hours analyzing the sequin, beaded lace heels that deserved to be solely show cased on a shelf as it appraises in value per second. truly a work of art!

as i left the store i noticed this youthful young lady in black browse a street vendor with i believe her aunt and little sister. they graciously allowed me to take their photo. i think these photos reflect the warm hearted nature of their personalities, through the nieces innocence and the warmth of her aunts smile. not only, look at the adorable smile on the little one, precious!!!

anyhow. enjoy!


dash the summer away

'So long sweet summer, I stumbled upon you and gratefully based in your rays'

A sonnet from me to you (mr sunshine):

Hey thanks! Thanks for that summer,

i fell in to you, and now you're gracefully falling away

it's cold where [I'am] going, i hope that [my] heart is always warm...
[during the cool winter days]

At the end of every summer I always feel the need to listen to this song and reflect on the golden days of summer. That and this song has fond memories of my younger i, circa 2003. oh dear, that feels like yesterday year, i mean day. . .

... thinking that dash should return to my musical world again!


and this is the other of another

All black & whites: RUSH issue 29, Fashion Line-up: Proenza Schouler Resort 2010, Interior: Personal photo- Buenos Aires 2009, Fall Leafs: Personal photo 2009... and yes the leaf colours really were that BRIGHT & BRILLIANT! xx


from one to another & then to the next

Rarely do I post another blogs photos. Yet this is my favourite Sartoriaist photo to date and it so eloquently reflects the ongoing theme. However to point out the specifics as why I love this Sartorialist photo, I'll break it down: It's a Parisian, at a cafe, wearing a mens hat, a tailored red jacket, mis-matched sox, old leather worn-in shoes and lastly but most notably the latin native wool scarf that i simply adore!

All photos from Rush Magazine, Issue 29, EXCEPT the personal photo taken in Buenos Aires 2009 (as noted with "i.nternational. c.itizen.") and the Sartorialist photo at the end


it's all connected

a little something to tease the taste buds

Ok, now from the top down we have:
Swatch, Buenos Aires- La Boca, Buenos Aires- el mar, Proenza Schouler Resort 2010, swatch, Buenos Aires- San Telmo
*Personal photos taken during the summer 2009*


sheath of wheat me

Before I dive into FALL, FALL, FALL, FALL, FALL, FALL / WINTER 2010, I murssst post all items off my check list and despite the fact Chanel has since moved forward and actively promoting the Fall 2010 campaign, I still gaze in absolute mesmerization of Chanels SS'10 photo shoot campaign. And... there is MORE to come!

i dream happy thoughts about these glasses
i love this whole masculine, metro chic strength about freja


out durante vancity pride


I've been in:
a deep slumber,
or a,
comma like state...(much like the patient in my last post below)
from the bloggart world for tearfully too long.

As mentioned in my last post, I've been neck deep in a self consumed project. Which I have ear to ear with a BIG SMILE, joyfully singing with the birds, roof top happily completed!!!!!!!
Hooray for me!

next comes project part 3, which i've carefully examined as equally challenging as everest...

details of my diabolical, under cover project are soon to slip through and be released in the coming days... how exciting!!!

To begin my triumphant return, I thought I'd share this fantastic photo taken during pride in Vancouver. I saw these fellas walk by and knew they deserved to share their fabulous style with everyone in the fashion & blogging world as well.