"On Hold"

It feels like many moons have passed since I've posted anything. I have pressed pause to all blogging in the last two weeks as I'm currently in the midst of completing the final stages of a huge project that requires my undivided attention,
day & night AND night & day...
I hardly know the difference between the sun and the moon and by that I mean the light in my office.

Tear of saddness that I havent been able to share all the wonderful things I have in mind. There are sooooooooo many images, topics, continuous themes that I've wanted to post for months and months, working up to the moment of the final unveiling... I try not to think about it because I'm sooo far behind in my own personal schedule. Luckily this isnt a job, I wont get fired, and you dont really know when I initially intended to post something. Unless you know my pattern with posting "POST" runways reviews & favourite pics.... then you know I tend to be "fashionably" late... damit!
the gig is up... i'm ruined!


I predict I will be back in 8 days, 3 hours, 32 mins...





till then I leave you with this:
cherish your loved ones
know your limits & stay with in it
too much "fun" & too much sun
= bed rest on a stretcher

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