little lady, little black dress & a love for chanel

. . . in the presence of fashion.

new. york.

while wandering the meat packing district, west 14th street and to be more specific the Alexander McQueen boutique, i noticed this lovely young lady dressed so elegantly in black.

first i should mention while exploring the Alexander McQueen boutique it is certainly more like an art gallery of the finest and most beautifully crafted clothing i've ever seen. i was breath taken as i admired the fine quality and intricate details to each and every aspect of the clothing, shoes and accessories. i could have stared at the same shoes on display for hours analyzing the sequin, beaded lace heels that deserved to be solely show cased on a shelf as it appraises in value per second. truly a work of art!

as i left the store i noticed this youthful young lady in black browse a street vendor with i believe her aunt and little sister. they graciously allowed me to take their photo. i think these photos reflect the warm hearted nature of their personalities, through the nieces innocence and the warmth of her aunts smile. not only, look at the adorable smile on the little one, precious!!!

anyhow. enjoy!

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Annushka said...

I like this, beautiful post!!!)))