el Otoño/ el Invierno de 2010

I've had a bit of self-resistance to post photos from collections of Fall/ Winter 2010. As much as I want to share my favourite pieces from all the Fall 2010 Collections, it ultimately feels redundant because YOU can just go to www.style.com and see it all for yourself. But then again, I am posting MY favourites, ones which you may have glanced past without resonating the details I'll address. With that said, this blog is a virtual scrapbook of ideas... so why the hell not, right? As it appears to be my pattern of blogging collections, I am fashionably late, but at least I made it to the afta' afta' party. . . funny, no?

Soooo, what trends did I notice...?
  1. Without a doubt, the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte and their signature style has clearly had an impact on the fashion industry. We've now seen a number of designers with collage inspired clothing with chiffons, netting, and knits that are intwined, wrapped, twisted and turned upside down next to plaids, wools and anything of opposing polar opposites. I plan to dedicate a post with specific examples soon! . . . However this begs the question, "How long will this trend progress without becoming a snooze of paper-mache ?"
  2. In other related news: Rich Velvets! Crushed Velvets! Cut out Velvets!
  3. I like olives... "mustard" yellow olives, green olives, very dark olives- enough said!
  4. A trend which will remain nameless FOR NOW... because it relates to a project and vision I've been working towards and dedicated myself too AND I'll be dammed before I am labeled as taking my source of inspiration from them anyone else... however you may see hints of it throughout my posts. . .
  5. 1990's flowing florals! Do you remember 90210 and those loosely fitted rayon floral print dresses with those sunflower straw hats that Donna, Kelly and Brenda wore...? I do! In fact, it wasn't too long ago I took a vintage rayon floral dress and made that large frock into a top and skirt (ooooohlala now they're separates!)
  6. Zippers turning "things" into Separates
It's the "All American Style", and although I am not a huge fan that they cater to EVERY mass market under the sun, allowing everyone to have a piece of the Ralph Lauren pie, you have to give props to their signature style. They consistently hit the mark and manage to make each collection fresh despite the fact we've all seen these beanie hats season after season, similar floral flowing chiffons, equest' leather and tailored tweeds and wools of fine hounds-tooth/ herringbone patterns. I may have a small resistance to the cliche of the name, however I am always pleasantly happy with the clothing themselves and that equestrian dream like style.


And last but not least in this edition of Fall/ Winter 2010 Collections:

Steel Blue & Rust with Mustard Yellow! Wooowwweee. This 1970's rocks and minerals combination is stellar! Did you see the button on those pants and coat?!?!?! It looks like a geode crystallized rock formation. Anyone that knows me personally knows I am a geography/ geology NERD! So the metamorphosis of geo-earth science and fashion is simply magnificent. Ok, I'll stop now before I rant about rocks, volcanoes and lava- Oh my! But please- notice the fine details of the blouses and pockets. They. are. beauty-ful!

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