Betty sings a note or two, to the words of any Karaoke Song

in the heart of china town lies the pre-determined venue...
for which all things karaoke began
there was fire in the night sky
love was not a question... as we sang "unchained melody"

then a not so lovely duet of two male voices began to chant the words...

"oh mmmmmyyy love,
my darling...
i've hungered,
hungered for you touch,
a long lonnnely time,
and time goes by
so slowwwwly,
and time can do sooo much...
are you still minnne?....
i neeeeeeeeed your love"

followed by a murmur of agreement that their high pitched squeaky voices gives this song a bold new meaning
(those in the know, know what i just said is a direct reference to this award winning trailer)

intrigued by the velvet paintings in the potty
felt the urge to say... Red-Ruuuuum
lampshade mascarade
the walls sang a silent song
in the form of... ambient sound
art deco eternal

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