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The following posts which I am about to share might be considered old bananas now, as I intended to post them months & months ago. To be more accurate, the photos I collected off the web have been saved on file for almost a year. And during this time I was building up to the moment of how I would share these photos while correlating them with my own and while cleverly arranging them in brilliant way. This task become more stressful then I thought because I was never satisfied with how I was going to present the material... what to do... what to do...

Of course there was a whole rhythm and plan intended. However that has been thrown out of the window, no pun intended (as seen in the photo below)

For the past year there has been a pattern to my posts, you may have noticed from time to time. Lets review:

  • Images of the brilliant changing colours of fall leafs
  • A continuous interest in Buenos Aires, Argentina with personal photos of taken during the summer of 2009. All of which is stemmed from an interest in the art, history, architecture and culture
  • Correlating my source of inspiration with the stylistic movement occurring amongst designers alike for the seasons to come

How did this all begin?

It all began in the summer of 2008 whilst I was traveling Europa con mi amiga. We were on a Greek Island with a bus load of backpackers. During "orientation" as we introduced ourselves, I heard this quite voice say "Argentina!". I turned my head to connect the voice to the person. Immediately I thought, "Wow, Argentina, I've never considered this a place to travel and explore before" I knew nothing about this country but I knew I had to go! For four days I was intrigued by this gentlemen. He was quite, rather shy, and handsome in a mysterious way. We never spoke until the day he left, at which time I bluntly said "Mr. Argentina, you are leaving already?". I certainly have a way with words, don't I?!

From here on during our trip I was interested to learn more about this country. I wanted to know more about the history & culture. Like a moth to the flame, I felt like I was being drawn to Argentina and knew that I would be traveling there in my near but distant future. Weeks later I met Mr. Argentina numero dos. This confirmed it, I had to see this country for myself. And you may be thinking... did I want to see the country or the men?! Both to be honest, but I knew my source of inspiration and future lied ahead en route to Buenos Aires and from then on forward. There have been a few instances in my life thus far, where instinctually I knew from that mere moment my life as I formally knew it was about to change. That orientation on the Greek island was one of those moments, where I saw a flash of what was to come in the next few years. Crazy... maybe, but it has already happening and continuing...

One year later, almost to the day, I arrived in Buenos Aires. It was the summer of 2009, (the winter season of Argentina). I spent 3 amazing weeks with great friend who resided in the heart of the city. I immersed myself in the culture and tried out my "russian spanish" which I had been teaching myself for months prior. I feel in love with the french architectural influence that is tarnished with latin flavour. There is this incredibly rich history with european influence over the last century. As a result, it has created some of the most beautiful people from around the world in one location, whose beauty shines from within as well as physically.

One area of the city, San Telmo provided much inspiration. It is rich with history of tango on the streets. Today it is filled with great cafes, antiques, galleries and boutiques. I came across this one section of San Telmo that was rather quiet at the time. My initial thoughts were, "wow this would make an incredible photo shoot location!". Thus I captured the area with photos for self reference. Keep in mind for the past year, I had been inspired and drawn to this country and while I was there I was flooded with ideas of inspiration for my next Fall 2010 collection. As my magical trip came to an end along with summer AND as the Fall season approached back home, I had began my story board of colour, mood and style found in the elements of Argentina.

Ok, so now you have an idea of how I began this journey and how everything is all related to one another...

Keep your eyes pealed as you gaze over the next few posts because what you're about to notice pleasantly surprised me last November 2009 when I discovered my favourite designer of all time used this very location for his Spring 2010 photo shoot campaign photographed months after my trip, in the Fall of 2009.

The photographs in particular that I found intriguing to my own will be included in my following blog posts. This is part #1!

Many of the photos below are taken from La Boca. A old Italian influenced marine port of Buenos Aires. Known for its bright and colour buildings. Today its a tourist attraction, and a colourful source of inspiration without a doubt.

Am I trying to prove a point by showing that my developing source of inspiration is and was relevant with emerging trends? And not just to any designer but my all time favourite...? I'd be lying if I said no, of course! That's not to say that creative minds don't think alike. When you are immersed and passionate about your work, you are bound to be on the same wave lengths as your colleagues or those you admire. I just see the connection and path which is still unraveling ahead of me.

My Fall 2010 Collection is since complete and will be made public shortly.

Stay tuned. por favor!

all "i.nternational. c.itizen." photos taken by myself in San Telmo & La Boca, Buenos Aires, summer 2009. The other photos are collected from Chanel Spring 2010 photoshoot campaign in San Telmo & La Boca, Buenos Aires, fall 2009.

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